Week 37+38 goal evaluation

So, 2 weeks ago Julia said it was good to see me posting my weekly reflection, and then last week I forgot.. My mondays this past month have started with taking my mom to hospital for checkups after her mastectomy. The appointments aren’t that long, but with all the traveling, and being early so we can have a coffee and chat some more, it takes about2.5 hours. Then I need to do lots of chores I can’t do during my workweek (monday is my day off) and my kitchen is almost done, so I have been arranging my drawers and cabinets..

I did one cardio workout in week 37 and on friday I did this beauty: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/weighted-lower-body-strength-circuits-with-bodyweight-intermissions I was SO sore the next day and the day after that. Which was nice, because I went bouldering on sunday, with sore muscles and recovering from saturday: I was in bed with a fever.. Just one day, but very annoying.

My fruit goal did not go well the past week, I did not have easy pieces of fruit lying around. So I think that is my “make it easy” to think of: have fruit that I can easily grab and eat without too much cutting..

For lunches at work I did the same thing both weeks: I bought half a loaf of bread, some yummy things to put on it, including cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes, and stored that in my workfridge. Come lunch, I’d prepare a nice sandwich and sometimes a sidesalad.. Continuing that this week, because I quite enjoyed it.

We had our last training for the bouldering course yesterday. I am still at my plateau, which I find annoying. Then a guy in my course said, plateauing means you have learned stuff, you’ve improved and now you are able to learn even more. And the teacher added that some people never plateau, which seems nice but you never get that feeling of doing something you weren’t able to do for a long time.. So, I will continue practicing, but the most important thing is overcoming my fear (of loss of control / falling).

I need a bit more strength, both in my legs for jumps / pushing up and my arm, so I will focus on strength training a bit more the next few weeks.

Goals: GO TO BED IN TIME!! I workout in the morning, days are getting shorter, getting up early is harder.. So I need my sleep..

Eat 2 pieces of fruit each day: 1 for breakfast, 1 as a snack

Project hard stuff at bouldering: I go from one ‘problem’(what we call the routes) to the next, but I projected one last week: you try one that you can’t top, and keep trying till you make it.. It was so cool to finally top that boulder after 10+ attempts..

Train my ankle: I sprained it a few weeks ago and even though it feels better, I still am limited in some movements…

So, that is it for this week. How did you do?

@Melli: happy belated birthday!! Hope you had an awesome day.