New Plus Workout - Stabilizing Workout for Deep Hip Muscles

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Really excited to debut the partner video to one of the previous articles that we published, The #1 Reason Why Your Hamstrings Are Tight. In this video, you’ll cycle through a few mat exercises to activate, engage, and strengthen the deep hip and glute muscles that stabilize your pelvis. When performed in isolation, each exercise isn’t too bad but, altogether, they pack a serious punch that will leave your glutes burning.

Stabilizing Workout for Deep Hip Muscles

This workout also makes for the perfect routine to do on an active recovery day since it’s low intensity, low impact. While it’s gentle on your joints, rest assured that you’ll be putting in some work as you activate the deep stabilizing muscles in various positions. I was surprised to see that I even broke into a sweat while filming!

Take your time while going through the exercises, and focus on maintaining your core contraction, stability through your upper body, and breathing properly. Side note: I made an error while filming and stated that you will need an exercise ball in the Intro - you will not need a ball to perform this workout. You will, however, need a light or medium resistance band along with an exercise mat.

Appreciate your suggestions and comments on our videos and articles. I keep seeing a recurring request for foot/ankle workouts, so keep your eyes out for something similar in the near future. As always, thank you for working out with me, and I hope to break a sweat with you again soon!