Yesterday in the Kitchen - Thursday Edition 9/23/21

Good day everyone.

Hope all of your Wednesdays were fabulous. Had a long day yesterday. So it was leftover night "In the Kitchen." Not your typical leftovers as you might think. We took different things we had in the fridge and made dinner. Dice and sauteed sweet potato with sage, white onion, red bell pepper, and sea salt/black pepper. Along with that was some leftover sauerkraut heated up with what was left of the mango sausage thinly sliced and a side salad.

It was a great combination of flavors. Definitely different from what others might think of as leftovers. So, what did/do you have going "In the Kitchen?" A family effort meal, friends, just a quick throw together after a long day. Share with us so we can all get some great ideas.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!