Perspiration Pals 23 September 2021

Hello Pals! I hope you’re all right and ready to start/continue the day. It’s a bright sunshiny day here although it’s a bit nippy. In case you didn’t have time to google the answer to yesterday’s question, the answer is: going without sleep is likely (but not necessarily) make you hungry and the feeling that you can’t get out of bed in the morning is called dysania. Today’s question is connected to eating and food as I’ve found some interesting facts about food items. The question will probably be very easy but name at least one food item that can’t go bad. Bonus question: Do you like gummy bears? If yes, fill in the gap (and you might change your mind): Fruit snacks and …….. are coated in the same type of wax.

What are you planning to eat today? And what about exercise? I’m going to do Day 9 (as far as I can remember) this evening and I’m a bit apprehensive because Daniel’s face in the thumbnail looks like that of a warrior just before an attack…

Anyway, I must go back to work so have a lovely day.