Fitness Blender Giveaway September 22, 2021

Fitness Blender Family!

It’s time for another weekly Giveaway, so we hope you’re ready to take part.

When we published our latest Plus video this morning, a 42-minute, level 5 workout with Tasha - Single-Dumbbell Tabata Circuits with Ladder-Up Style Bodyweight Circuits - we thought of a great Giveaway question. Can you tell where we’re going with this?

As a bit more background, we now have 81 level 5 workouts (74 free, 7 Plus), so that got us to thinking about which workouts each of our users might have completed that have been the most challenging for you (remember, everyone is different, so we expect a wide range of answers here).

If you’re interested in taking part, all you need to do is answer the question in bold here. We do need your answer in the comments below for it to count (it has to be in this same thread for us to track entries, so please respond here only). 

** What is the most intense Fitness Blender workout you’ve done? If you had to describe it in one word (not “intense”), what would it be? **

Our (randomly chosen) Giveaway winners this week will each receive a free Fitness Blender eGift Card, which you can use to purchase FB Plus, Workout Programs, or our calendar-based Meal Plan.

As usual, the Giveaway will be live for 24 hours, so get your answers in. We’ll post our six (6) winners right back here on the Community page.

Good luck to everyone! We cannot wait to read your answers.

Fitness Blender Team