New FB Plus Workout: 42-Min Tabata Circuits with Ladder-Up Style Circuits

Good morning FB Family!

I am really excited about today’s workout release:

Single-Dumbbell Tabata Circuits with Ladder-Up Style Bodyweight Circuits

This level 5 workout will challenge you to train in a zone of (safe) discomfort. You will alternate between traditional 20 seconds on/10 seconds off Tabata circuits and two-minute ascending ladder style circuits. Your goal during each Tabata circuit is maximum, breathless effort. Apart from the not-so-much-a-surprise Max Tabata, each Tabata contains one strength-based unilateral move and one cardio move.

The bodyweight-only Ladder-Up circuits each include one strength and cardio move, and your goal during these circuits is maintaining a pace that promotes consistent movement throughout the two minutes of work so that you can obtain the highest rep count possible. Make sure to review the write-up for additional details about the benefits of mixing HIIT training with submaximal level training as well as a few tips for increasing the challenge of the workout and making it a positive experience for you.

This workout is great for benchmarking your progress as you can record your rep score during the ladder circuits and note your exercise preferences during the Tabata circuits. Note that although modifications are included, the overall intensity level of this workout is still high.

As always, I’m working on creating and filming new content for you all. I’m always so excited to share these creations with you! I’m also digging into all the recently released expert articles. My latest read is Haley’s article on How to Identify and Manage Imposter Syndrome, something I think many of us have experienced to varying degrees at one point or another. I absolutely love learning about the mental health approach to overall wellness and it’s so amazing to have such great content from our talented creators.

I really enjoyed filming this workout! Jonathan and I even share a moment of friendship and support. Challenge yourself within reason but most importantly, stay safe and have fun!

See you on the screen.