Perspiration Pals September 21st, 2021

Hey all P Pals.

How are we doing this Tuesday?

It is a slightly busy day at my end. Among other things, I would be "filming" a colleague for a short video profile -it was my idea, and today is our first, let's see how it goes.. then we start quirky video thing here!

There have been, and will be quite a few team, sub-team etc social events like lunches and dinner that I feel slightly overwhelmed. It isn't bad, but I am just not used to so much. Probably will recover in 6 months, haha!

I managed 2 workouts this past week. Plan is to be able to maintain that, or at least do 3. We'll see :)

A shout out to Zoe & Mel, haven't see you in a while. Hope all is good.

Some Cookie musings: I got the lil kid some catnip last night when I was super late from work -a first for her. Couldn't tell if she was just excited to see and play with me, or it was the catnip! :)

Anyhoo, enough about me, now over to you. Please share about your day and activities, or just a Hi, or maybe just lurk. Everyone is always welcome in these threads.

Thank you for checking in with me today!