Starting over (again)

In 2014 I began my health journey. My son was barely two years old and I had lost both my parents in the year before. I was at a low point in life with no energy and lots of bad habits.

I soon adapted a healthier way of living and a year later I was in the best shape ever both mentally and physically. I stayed that way for a couple of years, keeping the good habits and enjoying life.

Then I got pregnant with twins. I lost one of my girls and my other girl was born prematurely. We stayed in the hospital for nearly 5 months and had home care for another six months. A while after that I lost my friend who was a piller in my life and soon thereafter I lost my little brother.

For periods of time I have been able to pick up my good habits and make healthy choises but I have let my self go more and more. I want to be healthy, I want to have energy and to be able to be there for my kids as they grow up. I have a home, two (now) healthy children and loving husband. I need to do this but I think I need some support.

I have been working out with Kelli and Daniel for around 7 years, trying out several work out programmes and types of exercises. I love it. Now I just started over with the first round of fb fit with the goal to exercise 4 days a week (taking it slow!). I want to complete it this time, and want to keep hanging in there and start making healthy choises again and maybe, if I share it with you, I will.