One Year Blendiversary 💪🏼

I just hit my first anniversary with Fitness Blender! It’s been a great year, and I'm proud of how committed I’ve been to working out.

I’ve *never* been this consistent with working out, and it’s been fantastic! My mental health was really taking a hit during quarantine, and was eating emotionally. But on 9/17/20, I woke up and started a 30-minute workout. And I haven’t stopped since. Looking forward to this next year!

One last note— aside from physical changes I’ve seen, the biggest shift I’ve noticed in myself has been how strong I know I am now. For the first time ever, instead of looking down at my legs and thinking of them as far and jiggly, I looked down during a lower-body workout a few weeks ago and thought “they’re so powerful.” That’s never crossed my mind before, and I think it every day now. Jump squats FTW 🙌🏼

Thank you so much, Daniel and Kelli, for making this so accessible and fun. You’ve helped me learn to love my body for what it does and is *now*. Our love for our bodies shouldn’t be conditional on a size or weight, we should be proud of what they do every day. It’s up to us to (safely) take our bodies further.

Happy Blending, everyone, and hey — suck that belly button in and keep your lungs open. 😆