New FB Plus Workout: 24-Min Quick Core Circuits Workout

Good morning FB Family!

Several of you have suggested various core-focused workouts and I thought, “Hmm, sounds like a good idea!” We have yet another new workout for you:

Quick Non-Impact Core Stand-Alone or Finisher Circuits

This workout serves as a great stand-alone session or as an add-on to a HIIT/cardio or strength routine without a core-focused segment. The combination of slow tempo moves with others that challenge your balance help to improve core stabilization. Providing stability is a foundational function of the core, a function that allows us to move explosively, build strength, and move through space and time with efficiency.

If you’ve got about an hour to train and are looking to pair this workout with another one, I recommend adding it to one of the following:

•If you’re looking for a strength-based routine, my Weighted Lower Body Strength Circuits with Bodyweight Intermissions workout or

•If you’re looking for a cardio challenge, Daniel’s newly released No Equipment Pyramid HIIT Workout-Fun and Challenging Pyramid-Style Interval Workout

Right now, I’m creating and filming new workouts while looking to many of the workouts I’ve already released for some inspiration. There might be a few “Part II” workouts showing up in the future. Hopefully, that last sentence reads as exciting for you instead of threatening.

Don’t be alarmed – there’s a short (but manageable) Finisher at the end of this workout. Nothing you can’t handle, trust me.

Enjoy the workout! I’ll “see” you on the screen.