My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for today. It was a nice recovery workout with Kellie and it was a nice relaxing stretching routine that felt really nice on my body and I got to really stretch out the muscles today. I took care of the animals this morning then after that I got in a walk today and I walked a mile and a half in 50 mins, and I got to say that my legs were starting to feel it after the fact.

This afternoon I just kinda chilled and taking care of the animals for the night and I'm thinking of getting in another walk in today, before the day is over and add some more time to my walking for today. Because it never hurts to add time on your walking for today so you know of how much time you got in for today, and how far you got and how many calories you burned from doing it. For now I'm just going to be focusing on how many calories I burn and the distance that I'm walking for in a certain amount of time, even my mom is going to be focusing on the same thing too.

Oh before I forget to tell all of you that I'm sick now so today and tomorrow I will be staying home from school, and I won't be going be going back to school at this rate until Thursday.