Week 36 goal evaluation

Hi all!! Crazy monday again, so a day late again, but hey.. I'm here.

My fruit intake goal is going pretty well and my snacking was a lot less last week because I munched on fruit.. Had pretty nice lunches at work, I bought some healthy ingredients to make myself a nice filling sandwich and had a salad.

My upper back does not enjoy the yogastrip, but I can tell it is working.. So I will continue that this week. I have a relaxing massage booked this thursday. I never have one, but this was a gift. Quite excited about that..

I am enjoying planning my own workouts this month. Today’s bouldering session went well, even though I am on day 2 of my cycle.. I was afraid to continue on one problem, but got encouragement and help from onlookers and flashed it!

This week's goals:

Continue my fruit goal: 2 pieces a day. Have one for breakfast and one as a snack. I brought strawberries this week, so I think I can manage.. 😉

Continue the healthy lunches: either a sandwich or a salad.

Do 1 hiit/cardio workout this week..

Here is a quote for you:

"Go smaller.

Can't learn an exercise? Reduce the range of motion.

Struggling to grasp a new concept? Break it down.

Failing to stick with a habit? Make it easy.

Master stage one, then advance."

I think I am mastering stage 1 of healthy eating. I am going to try and advance this week..