Yesterday in the Kitchen - Tuesday 9/14/21

Good day FB family.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today. Yesterday was a very, very, light day in the kitchen for me. Savannah made dinner. We are trying to get her to cook meals more and write down recipes so she will know how to feed herself when she is on her own (someday).

So, on the menu for dinner was tuna salad sandwiches on marbled rye. Made with celery, red onion, boiled eggs (our own chickens), and homemade pickle relish. Of course all the other spices and such. Threw on some homegrown tomato and fresh cracked black pepper. She did a great job.

What did/do you have happening "In the kitchen?" As always, post up the failures as well as the successes. We always learn something from our time sharing. Have a blessed and prosperous day!