HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group September 14th

Good Tuesday morning blendfriends! To start with, I’d like to remind everyone in this wonderful Fitness Blender community that anyone and everyone is welcome to post here, and anywhere and everywhere, at any time 🙂

After a great Sunday, I had an off day yesterday where I overate come supper time. And this was after talking myself out of going for a walk after work, despite the beautiful weather, or exercising, despite having plenty of time to do it (sigh). It’s all a matter of mind over matter, it truly is. And this morning my mind’s thinking “What’s the matter with you?”

I have to remind myself that there is nothing “wrong” with me. I am fine as I am. I want to improve my health and be strong and have endurance and this is the starting point from which to see the improvements. I have to find a way to love myself through this process. Cause I can see that disliking my physical self is just not working. I’m going to look for some books on self acceptance/self love.

Maria, I know you had made recommendations before, they would be most welcome again, as I hadn’t written them down.

In what ways will you show yourself some love today? Will you enjoy a nice workout, write in a gratitude journal, cook a healthy meal, go for a walk in nature?

Be well today and have a wonderful day! 😀