Perspiration Pals September 14th, 2021

hey there P Pals,

How are we doing this Tuesday? After rainy past few days (which seems like the norm here), we have some glorious sunshine today. And it feels good.

Workouts: I managed to do a 35 min pilates session with K yesterday, and boy am I happy and slightly proud of myself. I think it's a first after moving and also in 2 months, I think. I was feeling kinda low and just had to do something to snap out of it.

Some Cookie musings: This kid has become soooo mischievous, I mean I am here to tell on her. After lugging a beautiful (smaller) carpet on my shoulder uphill and placing it on the floor, the microsecond later, this lil kid showed her approval by peeing on it!!! Never before she's done that. I wasn't mad at her, but I was like oh man! gotta clean this. Two days later, when playing on it, smells the carpet, proceeds to, well, trouble her mom again! Anyhoo, the carpet is off until I clean it thoroughly and use "urine-off" spray to discipline this kid a bit. When I tried to "scold" her, she makes this lil face curls up on my blanket and makes me feel super guilty!! Will post her pic in comments!

Anyways, that's it from me. Tell us about your day, or if you prefer, just lurk, Either way, I hope you get the support you seek. These threads are always open to everyone.

Special bear hugs to Ivett! xx

Thank you for checking in with me today.