Free: New 10 Minute Total Body Cardio to Wake Up the Body & Mind!

Good morning FB Family!

How is everyone doing this morning? We've got a new workout for you:

Total Body Cardio Warm Up Workout to Wake up the Body and Mind

You can use this workout as a cardio warm up, or as a nice energy boost throughout the day. It's a great and easy way to make exercise a part of your life, improving health, circulation, mental clarity, creativity and focus.

Never skip your warm up - or your cool down, for that matter! That kind of "time saving shortcut", is not an actual shortcut, and could end up costing more (time, energy, effort, patience) in the long run, in the form of muscle strains and other avoidable injuries.

What are you up to this week? Any workouts on your list you're looking forward to, or are you in the middle of a program or challenge? By Wednesday this week, I'm planning on starting the new FB30 Challenge that launched at the beginning of the month. Should be a nice sweaty challenge to keep myself focused and feeling good!

Have a great day!