"In the Kitchen" Weekend Recap 9/13/21

Good day fellow Blenders.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Warning! Long post as a lot was going on this weekend in the kitchen. So lets begin.

Friday: Thinking about what to have for dinner, we decided to do something with turkey burger. So, turkey burger pita tacos. Seasoned the burger the day before to blend the flavors. Quick saute on high heat with some white onion and a bit of mild salsa. Stuffed that in a pita with fresh greens, tomatoes, avocado, salsa, red onion, and a smidge of sour cream.

Saturday: We headed to get groceries and decide to treat ourselves with a lox and bagel lunch (made at home). Asiago cheese/onion bagels (Storm and I shared half on each on ours), a light smear of chive and onion cream cheese, avocado, red onion, capers and thinly sliced tomato.

Saturday night's dinner: Sourdough foccacia bread with ground flax (in dough). Topped with evoo, an ounce or so of grated Parmesan, garlic, oregano, fresh cracked pepper when baking. Then to kick it up, I took some shredded crookneck squash and red onion sauteed on high heat for a couple minutes and added the leftover turkey burger from Fridays dinner. Spread that on top and cha-ching, delicious and nutritious dinner.

Sunday: Lunch was leftover foccacia. Dinner was a mushroom and broccoli stroganoff with egg noodles. Chicken stock and blended raw cashews were the base for this dish. Can easily be made with veggie stock to make it vegetarian (vegan with noodle substitution).

So what did you have going on in the kitchen this weekend? Join in and share your successes or failures. Post up your creative ideas you tried. Have a blessed and prosperous day!