New Plus Article - Understanding Emotional Eating and Managing Stress Without Food

Don't think of the foods you shouldn't eat, think of all the good things you can eat to nourish your body.

Does this statement resonate with you? How is your relationship with food?

We have always tried to address health and fitness holistically, but we’re so thrilled to be adding team members from different fields, to help us bring expert perspectives to some important topics. Case in point, here is a great article from one of the newest members of our team, Candice @ Fitness Blender (a mental health professional), tackling an important topic many of you have asked us to address.

✦ Plus: Understanding Emotional Eating and Managing Stress Without Food

Positive and negative emotions can prompt us to eat based on associations we develop between food and mood. In the case of positive emotions, we eat to celebrate, enhance a good feeling, or connect with friends and family. For unpleasant emotions, food can help us cope with our discomfort. If emotional eating becomes our primary coping strategy, however, we can harm relationships with our bodies, and with food. Let’s learn a bit more, including strategies for managing stress without depending on food.