Perspiration Pals 12 September 21 🥦🥒🥗🌞

Hello Ppals!

Happy Sunday! As you can tell from the picture I have a new kitchen power tool!

A few years ago I wouldn't have ever thought I would want a food processer. But I the past several years I have been cooking more and I have fresh local produce delivered. My tipping point came the other week when I spent almost an hour cutting up veggies to make a salad (I had a lot of produce that week that was suitable for salads). I was getting impatient with all the chopping but I didn't want to get lazy and leave anything out.

So now I am the proud owner of a new food processer. My first dish was riced cauliflower with garlic and onion sauteed with tomatoes and celery and topped with parmesan cheese.😋 Now I when I see a recipe that uses a food processer I can go for it.

And Ms processer wasn't as loud as I thought she might be. Lille wasn't put off by the noise. She stood off in the corner watching very intently.

It is beautiful out day. I went on the Honda walk this morning and it was quite pleasant. My arms weren't all slimy with sweat and sunscreen. Later on today I need to take advantage of the cooler weather and do some year work.

Then I need to quit procrastinating and finally do the intense HIIT and abs workout that is scheduled for day 17 of FB30 R3. Yesterday I was too busy having fun with my new toy.

On a somewhat silly note: why is my new tool called a food processer when it is really used for preparing food that is considered un-processed??🤔

Now over to you-tell us about your Sunday plans. Any new kitchen toys. What is going on in your kitchens and exercise rooms.

Have a great day-or rest of the day!

PS All are welcome in our quirky corner of the Fitness Blender Community