My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for yesterday and for today. The workout I had for yesterday was a upper body workout with Daniel and my arms were feeling it after the workout, even though I thought the workout wasn't going to be as hard as I thought it would have been. But I had a busy week at school this week even though I only went to school for 4 days this week instead of 5 days this week, because Monday was a holiday.

So even though I only had 4 days at school I still had a lot of schoolwork to do in certain classes and I did a lot of cooking this week in my Culinary class. We cooked three different things in class this week, we didn't cook on Tuesday for some reason but the desserts or meals that we made was, lemon poppy seed muffins with lemon glaze, blueberry muffins, and pepperoni pizza. So I'm hoping to be cooking some more meals next week at school, because it's so much fun cooking different meals everyday in class.

Good news spirit week from last week was a success but I don't know of who won the spirit week from last week, because they didn't say it over the announcements. But I can't wait to have another spirit week again at school because I love dressing up for them and getting everyone into the school spirit, and not having anyone getting into the school spirit at all. Because when no one is getting into the school spirit then they are not feeling the school joy, and then everyone will not be feeling it at all.

Before I forget the workout I did for today was a ab and Pilates workout with Daniel and my legs and abs were feeling it by the time I was done with doing the workout. We also went grocery shopping today too, because we had to get some groceries at Safeway but it didn't take us as long to go grocery shopping as it normally does for us.