How to schedule around my life


So I'm about 10 days into a workout programme and there is a feature in the calendar that I would like to use, but that either isn't there or I can't find it.

I usually go for a run with my husband on Wednesdays and Sundays, so on those days I would rather not do one of the FB workouts. I would still like to do the workouts, but the next day. So of course I can just reschedule the workout manually each time, but I would love to schedule everything in one go, so Wednesdays and Sundays are always free. Also, I would like to keep Thursdays as my rest day, as I will always arrive home late from work.

Is there any way to manipulate the calendar in such a way that I do not have to reschedule things every week? (e.g. a slide and drop option on the calendar overview)

I know this means that my programme will be much longer than four weeks, but I'm perfectly happy with that.