PPals Saturday 9/11/21

Happy weekend!

I’m hoping for a walk and a trip to the 10 booth farmers market today. I might end up doing some schoolwork too.

The pictures are from White Sands National Park about 30 minutes from my house. The sand is gypsum. Yuccas and other desert plants grow in the sand. Wildlife that make their home here include white lizards, maybe a fox, and beetles. I realized after we left that I didn’t take a picture of the dunes that showed their size. Many are as tall as a house. We trudge to the top and walk on the ridges. Another favorite activity is sledding down on a plastic snow saucer. A downside of the dunes, besides falling off your sled onto your backside, is the amount of sand you bring home. Besides all the sand in pockets, hair, and orifices, the tub has a fine layer of grit after showering. Everything is exfoliated. Don’t go with a fresh pedicure. The sand chafes away at the polish.

What are your plans today? Do you have a picture to share? A great workout? Yummy food?

Pop in or linger a little longer. We are here for you!