Perspiration Pals - 9/10/21

Happy FriYay everyone and welcome to the PPals thread. Please know that all are welcome to post here and we're happy to have you in our eccentric little corner of the FB Community.

Today is officially the last day of my week's staycation (not really a fan of that word, but I have to admit it's apt); the weekend doesn't really count right? I'm sorry to say I am ending this week off feeling rather unsatisfied. I've learned over the last few days that I have a hard time relaxing, which is news to me. My time off has been filled with busywork and fretting, so in the true spirit of Friday, today I am commiting myself to as little as possible (just like I would if I were in the office 😉). I'm hoping to spend some quality time with books and my hammock. Even my workout is falling in line with my plan, since it is a short 20 minute yoga session.

I'm also keeping things to a minimum with cooking, so as a nod to National TV Dinner Day, I have a frozen cauliflower crust pizza on my dinner menu and takeout for the kids.

Please distract me by sharing what you're up to today. And I know this is a busy group of people I'm appealing to here, but has anyone got any tips to help me achieve my relaxation goals?

Have a lovely day and weekend Pals.