Perspiration Pals 9 September 2021

Hello Pals! Did you HIIT yourself yesterday? I did a bit of strength training and cardio and now my upper-body is almost as sore as my lower section. So what are we going to talk about today? Since I brought up HIIT yesterday and we all know how easily it can make our blood rushing around, I thought, that’s it! Blood. So dear Pals and vampires, listen to my first question.

Not every animal has red blood. Can you give us an example of animals whose blood is not red? Also, do you know the average resting heart rate of people as opposed to a much, much larger animal? Like a blue whale?

So what are your plans for today? Are you on holiday/vacation? Or in an office keeping a beady eye on the clock looking forward to doing HIIT? (because you have a problem then, my dear)

My mini lifebook says it’s Teddy Bear Day. I used to have a teddy bear I loved so much it basically disintegrated. First it was the ears then her (yes her) eyes fell off etc. I loved it anyway. Did you have a favourite stuffed animal when you were a child?