So much to try, so little time..

I just wanted to share and comment on the sheer endless supply of workouts on FB. I've been very active in my exercises for about a year now - a personal milestone I'm celebrating, yay - and though every once in a while the FB-Team reminds us how many videos and articles there actually are, you don't really grasp it until you type in a search and go through the results. So, my tab bar looks a little crowded at the moment from all the potential workouts I could do today and what I want to do in the future. There are SO MANY hidden gems. And this is just one specific Pilates-themed search..what's it gonna look like when I'm in need of a Lower Body Workout!? :D

So, are there any hidden gems you might want to share? I realised that I've been doing some of the newer workouts much more often because I wasn't really aware that there are so many older, equally interesting and challenging videos to try. I'd love to hear from other Blenders and their lesser-known or old school favourites. :)