The hard Times..

I just want to take the time to say Thank You. I'm not a regular in the forums - but I am a regular when it comes to working out with K&D. Since 2012 I have been working out with them - sometimes more regularly, sometimes only very infrequently. Workouts have been with me all through medical school, through my first years as a doctor... And now, through the sickness and death of a family member. It have been long and hard months, and I know there are more to come. The workouts and this community kept me motivated and sane through all of it. So thank you - to K&D for all they so and to all of you regular writers. Sometimes, it just is too much to write something but I read a lot. And there are so many kind and helpful human beings in this community, it truly is one of a kind. I appreciate every single one of you. And you, too, can conquer anything - one day at a time.