My next phase of life

Hi FB Family,

This post is more of a therapy for me so bear with me.

I moved in with my father 6 years ago to become his caregiver and take care of the household.

This coming week I will be transitioning him to a retirement home after he has spent 3 months in hospital after emergency surgery (due to an incident at home which I won't get into).

He is 91 and has spent much of the hospital stay in bed so his physical strength and body have both diminished.

These past few months have been very stressful wondering if he would survive or not. Well he has and is getting somewhat better.

The retirement home treats the room as an apartment with a lease and insurance. So I not only have to maintain my home but his also now. His care here also costs $$$$$ but we'll work it out.

As my grandmother used to say "Don't get old".

Thanks for reading...