Yesterday in the Kitchen - Thursday Sept 2nd

Good day FB Family.

Hope your day or night, etc. is going fabulous. Much clearer skies today and hopefully some good news on the local fire front for Northern California and all others as well.

So yesterday in the kitchen was a creative use up leftovers kind of day. Chicken salad from the bird previously shown on organic English muffins. Added some mayo, fresh purple basil, celery, red onion, thinly sliced super greens, garlic powder, black pepper, a smidge of Asiago and smoked paprika. Under the broiler until warmed and melted on top.

Also, got some JuJube fruit from a tree at work and dried them into a date sort of thing. They are also called Chinese dates.

What is going on in your kitchen? You don't have to post up pics to participate. Recipe or cooking questions? Remodeling? Tell us what you are doing.

Namaste, Allen