Perspiration Pals 2 September 2021

Hello Pals! This is going to be a rather short check-in as I’m not feeling well at all. I even decided to take a day off work which is quite unusual for me. Hopefully, I’ll be fine tomorrow.

I haven’t prepared anything for today, so I’ll just improvise. So today’s question is: What do you usually do when you don’t feel well? Do you immediately call your GP/primary health care provider (is that what you call it in the US?) or do you just rest and see what happens? Do you get worried and think of the worst or you’re quite laid-back about it?

I started the You Choose Challenge and I wanted to do the routine with HIIT but I’m absolutely sure it’s not going to happen. This is unusual because even if I have a migraine I work out when I feel better but now I’m not so sure. But enough of me, what about you? I hope you’re well. The weather is glorious here and I’d love to go out a little. Maybe later.

Take care, Pals, and sorry for not being my usual boring self. 🙂