Yesterday in the Kitchen - Wednesday Sept 1st

Good day all. Another crisp morning here leading into a semi-warm pre-fall day. Forecast is sunny and only getting up to 83 deg F. :)

So yesterday in the kitchen it was time to start planning meals with leftover chicken. Hmm, what to make? Out of the options we threw around, we landed on tacos/burritos. So I made up some dirty rice with black beans and fresh dried bell pepper, and other spices. Added the thinly slice mix of breast and thigh meat, some greens, avocado,sour cream salsa and some garlic hot sauce for the heat.

Turned out mighty tasty. What did you do in the kitchen yesterday? Any special plans?

Have a blessed and prosperous day!

P.S. What looks like yellow cheese is actually thinly shredded crookneck squash. )