Hair loss (but hair growth too)

I would love to have a blog or hear from someone/an expert about hair falling out. I am quite healthy (with recent blood tests to prove it) and I feel healthy too. I did struggle for years with an eating disorder but for at least 12 months now, I am much much more healthy and have a varied (albeit still counting calories and doing reverse dieting) diet. Very high in veggies, fruits.

My hair falls out a lot - and I mean A LOT. Every time I'm at the hair dresser they mention it. I do have stress in my life, but nothing that I feel is contributing to this. At the same time, I get a lot of baby hair so I know hair is growing back too. I also take collagen powder most days.

Is there any other insight on this other than what you just google? Or any tips to help with this? I try brushing my hair daily. I also heard taking folic acid helps too. Any advice/expert info would be much appreciated.