Perspiration Pals 1 September 2021

Hello there, Pals! Autumn/fall is here, at least in the Northern Hemisphere and I always associate it with the start of a new school year even though I can’t remember the last time I set foot in a school building (not counting the language school). Anyway, since schools should ideally be about learning new things and remembering them I thought that today’s question could be about memory.

Just last week while doing one of Tasha’s routines, I managed to prove how poor my short term memory is. I was doing the as many rounds as possible routine, I finished one of the rounds smiling proudly and about to start a new one when I realised I had completely forgotten what I was supposed to do. This reminded me of an experiment regarding short term memory. It involved an animal vs humans (specimens of the intelligent kind). Which animal competed against humans what was the task and who won? I’ll give you a clue about the animal. We share 98.8 percent of their DNA with them. (At least the internet says so) Do you think you have a good short term memory?

And are you going to exercise today? It doesn’t have to be logical as it’s No Rhyme or Reason Day so spend your day accordingly.