In the kitchen - Weekend Recap

Good day FB Family.

I trust everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was more relaxing without all the smoke from the Caldor wildfire. Anywho, back to the kitchen.

This weekends recap. We had all kinds of fun with meals the past three days. Here are some highlights. Friday evening we had fried rice and salmon (more like stir fry with some rice: pics will be coming on the other days below). Very tasty with a variety of veggies and a 4oz salmon fillet.

Saturday was Sweet Potato vegetarian chili cheese fries. Well, just barely any cheese. In fact, remove the 1 tsp of Asiago and it would be a vegan meal. Very tasty as the sweet potato fries were seasoned and done in the air fryer.

Sunday was a twofer. For lunch we took out a few pitas from the freezer, a fresh sweet potato and some bell peppers and garlic. Roasted everything up and then use a can of chickpeas to make a Roasted sweet potato, garlic and bell pepper hummus. Sliced up the pitas and seasoned them. Then toasted in the oven. Add some fresh cantaloupe and you've got lunch.

Dinner was a pizza made with sourdough crust, EVOO, fresh purple basil, onion, olive, artichoke heart, and mango sausage. Only about 3oz of Parmesan cheese on this one.

Well that was my weekend in the kitchen. How about yours. What were you doing with friends or family etc?