Lower Body combo (8th month pregnancy - no mods needed, great burn)


1 - I was looking for a easy cardio that can serve well as a warm up (I rather do a 10 min video than the usual 5 min warm up), that kickoxing end up being perfect for it.

2 - This is my favorite lower body trainning ever. It will always give me a great burn AND a great sweat, too... Also, I think it's all the combo moves and variety in it that atracts me so much, it goes by so quicky!

And I'm happy to see I still can do this one, even the higher intensity moves (tho I'm pretty sure I'm slower and doing the jump squats with a much smaller range of motion - before pregnancy I used to really jump high, now is just a small jump, with extra atention), but still, it's a nice accomplishment I guess.

3 - Burn-out pilates: That is also my favorite Pilates to add on the end of strenght trainning, I love all the pulses in it. Oh, actually I modification was need, just in the last exercise of this workout, I did regular squats instead of backbows.

I have 1.5kg ankle weight that I use sometimes in pilates, but I did this one with no weights.

So, that's it. I haven't done strength training for 6 days, was doing more cardio, kickboxing and stretching only, to change things up, and it feel really good to do strength again!

My baby is due to may 17th. So April 17 I enter the 9th month! \o/. I think I might have to easier things up a little on the last month, I don't know. But I hope to be able to keep up with a good exercise routine until the last week. Besides all the physical benefits, it helps a lot with the anxiety! Let me tell you, I didn't think I would be anxious at all, but once I completed 32 weeks it began! It seems that deliver is SO close but at the same time SO far!!! Just a crazy feeling.