Yesterday in the Kitchen - Thursday 8-26-21

Good day FB family.

Hopefully, you and your family, have the opportunity to be together and spend some quality time both in and out of the kitchen.

Yesterday in our kitchen: Dijon mustard chicken, rice medley, and side salad. Storm made a fantastic Dijon marinade for the chicken (which she did in the morning). Then we lightly broiled them. Delish! The rice medley was not our own mix. We tried an organic blend already made up of: Basmati, red rice, red lentil, cracked green pea. Not a fan. But hey. You have to try new things to find out what works for you, right? Tweaked it with our seasonings (none incl in product) and it wasn't terrible. Anyway, an image of what it looked like.

So what kind of experimentation do you have going on in your kitchens? Are you comfortable cooking outside the box? Full pun intended there.