The resemblance between Kelli and Simone Simons!!

So, I have been a long time Epica fan. For those who don't know, Epica is a symphonic metal band.

And doing workouts with Kelli, my mind was always like "She looks familiar, but why does she look so familiar?!?! Where have I seen her before???".

Now, I am always working out with headphones on (and still didn't get it, even tho, I am listening to a lot of Epica), but today, I just let youtube play on tv while I was having the laptop in front of it and... during the workout it was an Epica song and I saw Simone's face. Then looked down on laptop, at Kelli. That's when it hit me :))))) After all of this time, I realized why Kelli looked so familiar to me.

Not only that she does have a similar voice (ok, Kelli is not a heavy trained professional singer, haha, I mean when talking), but the face is... like they are sisters! I am leaving a picture with Simone Simons, one of the best voices in the metal music and also a live song, so you can hear her beautiful singing! (If the link doesn't work, just copy paste this on youtube Epica – Unchain Utopia (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO) ).