Perspiration Pals 25 August 2021

Hi there Pals! I hope you are well and if you’re not I wish you all the strength to be able to push thorough whatever difficulties life has thrown in your way. Another week has passed and here I am again ready to ask you another question. Unless you’re completely fed up with this. I’ve been as much fun as spending a rainy Sunday afternoon with a sleeping sloth lately and I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of this funk any time soon but I’ll stay curious and I advise you to do the same because our brains need constant exercise too.

Talking about exercise, last week we stopped focusing on only the human body and what it can do and compared our strength to that of animals. Well, we aren’t very strong, are we? Humans have long given up brawn for brains and keep paying the price. Can we outrun any animal? Hardly. Jump higher than a cat? No. Come on. We can’t outrun animals because we aren’t fast enough. But all is not lost. When it concerns running what are we really good at and why? Do you know the answer?

I did Day 8 of the YAY Challenge yesterday and I must say Me Against Me (which is MAM not YAY…) is rubbish. Tasha’s routines are brilliant and I really like her but my mind and body can’t find the rhythm making me frustrated and angry with myself. I’ll definitely finish the challenge but will only come back to it when I feel better. Mostly mentally.

Anyway dear Pals, I must dash and sorry if I can’t reply to your posts as I’m swimming in tasks and stress but I’ll definitely try. :)