Over the weekend in the Kitchen.

Good day FB Family.

Hope your weekend was fantastic. This last weekend in the kitchen was busy. Friday was a chill evening and finishing up some leftovers. Saturday was a watering day here on the farm. Also a picking of the last of the peaches day. So Saturday evening we treating ourselves to breakfast for dinner.

Homemade turkey sausage and egg bagel. Eggs are our chickens and scrambled with mixed baby greens, red onion, garlic (of course), and 1/2 oz of shredded Asiago cheese. Lightly toasted bagel and Avocado. Very Nummy. Sausage needed a bit more heat though.

Sunday: Just some basic chores to catch up on. Slipped and froze the last of the peaches (some had to be tasted tested along the way for quality control purposes). Then later split and fed the sourdough starter. Had not made a decision as to what to do with the discard. So I decided to make bread. Fired up the wood cookstove inside the kitchen and made a wheat/sourdough loaf. Image is below.

Also, had to make dinner, we had planned for fish. So, why not, fish burritos/big tacos. See additional image below. Basic rock fish with Panko crumbs, seasonings, etc. Fixings were shredded red cabbage, crookneck squash, avocado, red onion, olives, homemade tartar sauce, and some Pepper Plant Garlic sauce for heat.

Please let me know what you did over the weekend in your kitchen(s). Family get together, bbq, canning, remodeling, whatever. Have a blessed and prosperous day!