New diet and fat loss finally!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share this little success of mine, after a lot of tries and setbacks.

I've been working out with FB (doing programmes) since last summer. Despite always eating healthily, I was a few kilos overweight and wanted to be stronger and leaner. When I saw no progress after a couple of months, I went to see a dietician. Unfortunately, she starved me and I had health issues as a result, so I went back to eating like I did before and worked out more. Again, I saw no progress and was very discouraged, so I googled several dieticians/nutritionists and found one that looked serious.

I went to my first appointment a month ago. He measured my body composition with a BIA device and the results amazed me: he complimented me on my muscle mass percentage and said I only had 5 kilos of fat to lose (to lose more wouldn't be safe, as I'd go under the recommendend essential body fat percentage). Then he used indirect calorimetry to measure my actual BMR and I was surprised again: I was convinced I had a very slow metabolism, when it's actually pretty fast! Just to survive, my body needs about 1750 Calories a day... And to mantain weight, with my current level of activity, I need 2500 Calories a day!

Long story short, he gave me a custom-made meal plan (I'm eating constantly!) and today I had my first check, and I lost 2 kg of fat! My weight is the same (when they say "ditch the scale", they're so right!) but that's just water retention, and my muscle mass was barely affected at all :)

I'm happy I finally found the right meal plan for me. The only downside is that I don't look lean or toned. Part of it is my mind playing tricks on me, but the other part is my very real belly pouch that won't go away... According to plicometry measurements, it's not fat, it's just relaxed muscle tissue, so abs videos here I come! By the way, if you have any favourites which are effective for toning lower abs in particular, please share :)