Perspiration Pals 19 August 2021

Hello there, Pals! I hope you’re as well as you possibly can and ready to start/continue another day. Yesterday I asked you a question related to HIIT. If you had time to google the origin story, you might have come across names like Professor Martin Gibala and his team or Izumi Tabata as they all contributed to creating this form of self-torture we’re all familiar with. Today we’ll move on to a different topic, I admit I’m doing this rather haphazardly. Since we’ve been talking about only the human body and what it can do, I thought we might just as well compare ourselves to animals because that won’t cause any self-confidence issues. Hopefully.

So it’s the usual fill in the gaps question, you know the drill: Rhinoceros Beetles can lift something ….. times their own weight. To put this into perspective, if a human had the strength of the rhinoceros beetle, it would be able to lift a …. ton object. This particular beetle is not even the strongest one. Do you know which one is stronger?

Talking about strength, you do need it if you’re doing Tasha’s YAY Challenge. It is a challenge but I like it. Well, I like the feeling when I finish the routines, more like. What’s scheduled in your calendars?

My mini lifebook says it’s Photo Day so I’d like to see some really nice photos. I’m a terrible photographer so no pics from me.