New FB Plus Workout: 47-Min Circuit Style Lower Body Strength with Cardio Bursts

Good morning FB Family!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. It’s been rainy and quite humid all week in my area, so I’ve been focused on treadmill runs and indoor workouts. Speaking of workouts, we have another new one for you!

Circuit Style Lower Body Strength with Cardio Bursts

If the release of the Circuit Style Upper Body Strength with Cardio Bursts workout last week had you wanting a lower body counterpart, then you’re in luck. This lower body focused strength workout targets just about every muscle in your legs and glutes. Challenge your weight selections for the Strength Circuits and maintain consistent movement during the Cardio Bursts for an intense but doable squatting, lunging, and hopping bonanza. You will alternate between strength and cardio circuits (2 circuits of each) and conclude the workout with a lower body/core bodyweight finisher. Make sure to bring along both medium and heavy weight selections and review the write-up for a few important notes on form.

Right now, I’m enjoying planning and creating future workouts based on your recommendations and a few ideas on formats that I think you would enjoy as well. I’m so happy that many of you have tried out the EMOM and AMRAP workouts even though you might have been initially skeptical of these formats. If you still have some questions about the AMRAP format, check out my collaboration with Kayla, What is an AMRAP Workout? AMRAP Workout Benefits and Impact on Metabolism. The article details some of the benefits and components of an AMRAP workout that might answer some of your questions about this different style workout format.

Let me know how your legs and lungs feel after this lower body focused workout! This is a great stand-alone “leg-day” workout but can also be a fun addition to a short cardio/HIIT session. There’s only one Bear Crawl-related exercise in the whole workout. I consider this my gift to you.