Perspiration Pals 18 August 2021

Hello Pals? How are you? The weather has done a drastic cool down routine because it was 35°C the day yesterday and now it’s about 20… I’m not complaining but it’s rather difficult to make decision about one’s attire when the temperature becomes a kind of roller coaster. Now enough small talk about the weather and let’s move on the something else. Last week we were talking about various reflexes but this week I thought we could look into HIIT. That’s right. Lizard hops for 45 seconds, go! All right, get up, calm down, and don’t take me seriously.

So HIIT. Interval training is not new but what about HIIT? Do you know who and when came up with the idea and why? And if you can list 5 “fun” facts about HIIT, you’re the winner. Are you going to HIIT it today? For some mysterious reason I decided to do the YAY challenge. If my wrist cooperates but I hardly think it will.

My mini lifebook says it’s Mail Order Catalogue Day. Boring. So feel free to celebrate something more interesting.