New! 30 Minute Relaxing Total Body Stretch (Plus)

Good morning FB Family,

I've got a new stretching workout for you this morning! This is a nice combination of static and fluid stretches, from your head to your toes. Workouts like this are a great opportunity to tune in and listen to your body - just as much as any sweaty HIIT or strength routine. Pay attention to feedback from your body and be willing to continually reassess and adjust.

New Plus workout: 30 Minute Relaxing Total Body Stretch

When trying to lessen aches and pains due to posture, range of motion, muscle imbalance or tightness, I encourage you to also consider your daily habits: how you sit, how your work station is set up, any physical activity on the job, your sleep position, how you sit while watching tv or driving, any time spent with your head down in your cell phone, etc. Awareness of posture, all throughout the day, can go a long way.

Are you working out today? What kind of workout are you feeling up to today?


Early this morning I finished this workout - I wanted to work up a sweat but really didn't want to do any jumping and this worked perfectly. I'll be editing for most of the day so it's good to have gotten in at least some activity!

I hope you enjoy this new workout, have a great day!