Workout Complete + School Day

I had a very busy day at school for the most part of today. I didn't really do anything much in my other three classes but I think I will be doing something in them tomorrow, and I hope to start cooking soon in my Culinary class. But I just have to keep waiting until the teacher tells us it's time to start cooking in the kitchen, and I'll even show my teacher that I'm allowed to work and cook in the kitchen in any other kitchen.

But I guess sometimes we don't get to do anything in the classroom sometimes if the teacher doesn't have anything for us to be working on as a class together. I just really hope that I get to be doing something fun soon in one of my classes besides dance class, because then it would be so much fun to try something new. I guess it's just all up to the teachers when they decided to do something new with the whole class to have some fun to mix things up a bit, and give the students something they have never done before in the classroom.

The workout that I had for today was a nice relaxing stretching workout with Kellie which means that I'm finally all done with the bodyweight and, now I'm going to be moving on to a different challenge.