FB30 R1 Complete!

Hi Folks I thought I would share my FB journey to date - especially maybe of interest to other late 40's females who are in perimenopause.

I have always been fairly fit and healthy...I eat a well balanced and nutritional diet, I get lots of outdoor cardio in via dog walking and hiking and have been teaching yoga for 14 years. I am very flexible but was definitely lacking in strength. I have gained about 3kg in the last year due to having a condition called Adenomyosis (like endometriosis), being in perimenopause and also a few lockdown pounds (I got good at baking brownies!!). And those kg's will not shift. Anyways...

About a year or so ago I had a number of repetitive strain injuries (due to too much yoga and no strength building) and came across FB. I started with 3 x Low Impact R2 programmes to build up my strength and then moved onto 1 x Adventure programme. I then decided I wanted to commit to a longer programme and have just completed FB30 R1. I did 5 workouts per week over the 8 weeks and substituted FB recovery days with my own yoga practice. And woo hoo - I am over the moon that I have just finished it. Here are my results:

I am 165cm


Weight: 63kg

Run: 10.5 minutes

Push-Up (half): 12

Squats: 50

Plank: 1.33 minutes

Sit & Reach: 4 inches


Weight: 62kg

Run: I didn't do it again as I (my knees) literally cannot stand running!

Push-Up (half): 19

Squats: 67

Plank: 1.48 minutes

Sit & Reach: 6 inches

The best outcome of this programme is that my strength has significantly increased. I didn't take any photos but my body feels stronger and thankfully I have gained some shape in my bum (I had a flat Irish behind!). I do not feel as lean as I did when practicing only yoga but I can live with that because I have more strength. There is quite a bit of HIIT and cardio in this programme and interestingly I think this is what has kept me from losing those couple of kg's. I did post here half way through the programme as I think too much HIIT has been putting my body into a stress response and it has held onto those couple of kilos. I also find too much HIIT leaves my dear nervous system too frazzled (I would have loved it in my 20's & 30's) and limiting high spikes in stress is key at this stage of life. There seems to be a few other women in the same boat as me so it would be great to have a programme specifically for women in perimenopause/menopause!

It has been brilliant to do this programme and ironically I now feel stronger to go back to my regular yoga practice, which I am going to combine with the strong programme. I wish I had taken up strength years ago because I just love the feeling of strength and empowerment I feel.

Much thanks and deep bows to Kellie & Daniel and to those who have replied to my couple of posts!

Justine xx