My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for yesterday. It was day 11 of bodyweight and it was a good old kickboxing workout with Daniel and my whole body was feeling it after the fact, because then after that I was busy running around the house taking care of my chores for the morning. Then by this afternoon I relax for a while before I was doing my chores for the evening, so I guess you can say I had a very busy day.

Moving on to today, my workout for today was day 12 and it was another HIIT, cardio and core workout with Daniel again, and once again I was completely wore out. But this morning we all went into town to go grocery shopping and clothes shopping too, and while we were shopping I bought myself a pretty purple flowery shirt at Walmart. Then I bought a pair of really cute jaguar spotted sandal's at the feed barn in Jackson and I thought I wasn't going to be buying anything for myself, until I saw the pretty shirt and the cute pair of sandal's at two different stores.

So I guess that today was more of the fun day for all of us because we all got to buy ourselves some nice clothes to wear throughout the week, and on the bright side they all look nice of us.