Workout Complete + School Day

I had a blast or fun, weird interesting week at school for my first week of it, and right off the bat they have changed the bell schedule for Monday and Tuesday - Friday. Because of that they have also completely changed the bus routes as well so all or some of the kids will be getting home later than usually, and a lot of the parents are not happy about that even my mom isn't very happy about it either. So even though they changed everything at the school since the last time I was there, I still to see half of my friends at school and they were really happy to see me back in school again.

In just a week of being at school I have already made 5 -8 new friends now I think in my new classes, so now I'm added new friends to my friends list. I guess I'm just very easy to get along with even though I wasn't even really talking at all first in my classes I ended up getting with everyone just fine. So I guess you can saw that we all had a very busy week and now we are all very tired that I think I might just go to bed after I'm done eating dinner.

Oh one last thing before I forget I also completed my workout which was hard to do and it made my legs and my whole body tired, especially since it was with Daniel.