A Plus plug

So, I am in th process of doing the #fbSweat program alternating with #fbReach. This was today's scheduled routine: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/hiit-cardio-and-abs-workout-no-equipment-hiit-and-abs-low-impact-mods.

However, with a knee that could be replaced whenever I call the dr. and the hip that is taking the brunt of the action the knee can't, this routine is a definite "nopalope!". So, what's a girl to do???

AHHH!!! Then I remember, this is why I love and have maintain my subscription to fbPlus....I can search for and find similar, shorter and longer routines, read over notes I have taken on all of them, do a sort of my favorite routines to find something, .....all sorts of solutions.

I encourage you, if you can, the extra functions of Plus, for me, have added quality and functionality to my morning workouts without adding tons of extra, wasted time. I realize not everyone can afford it, as I could not have just a few years ago, but when you can, give it some serious consideration. Blessings to your day!!