Perspiration Pals 11 August 2021

Hi Pals! How are you? Battling with the heat or looking forward to spring? (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you have to wait a bit longer for spring to come.) Last time we explored the topic of hormones and by explored I mean merely touched the surface. Knowing the fact that doctors used to sip other people’s urine to diagnose diabetes certainly doesn’t qualify as exploration. Anyway, let’s touch the surface of another topic. I keep bumping into things or dropping things. Sometimes I can drop and knock over two or three things in about four seconds which brings us to the topic of reflexes.

My question for you today is this: (it’s a fill-in-the-gap one) Babies are born with more than….. instinctive reflexes. More than ….. percent of all the activities performed by the human nervous system are reflexive actions. Do you think you have fast reflexes? Hopefully you do.

Moving on to the topic of exercise, I finished the Flex Programme a couple of days ago and I decided to free-style a bit. Not for long because I can spend quite a considerable length of time trying to decide what to schedule. How about you?

If I don’t respond, don’t worry or get hurt as I merely can’t find my way out of the world of boring and meticulous tasks. That’s all.

PS, my mini lifebook is still lazing around so it's up to you what you celebrate today. Let your imagination run away with you.