Booty/Flex Challenge combo - Day 12 complete!

Today was a surprisingly fun LB HIIT Strength/Pilates workout with both Kelli & Daniel.

Not being a fan of typical HIIT, this was a nicely challenging, yet doable workout starting with much-needed glute activation Pilates, followed by a short HIIT (subbing any knee-stabbing exercises with others like Runners, High Knees, Switchfoot Leaps, etc.), and ending with descending reps traditional strength training. The light-hearted banter between Daniel & Kelli increased the fun factor and helped the workout fly! :D

No EC in the program today, and didn't add a freestyle one either as time was an issue.

Tomorrow's schedule is for freestyle Core workout (not HIIT though, since that was today). Not sure which one of the not-yet-done ones to do - very open to suggestions! :)

Hope your week is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)